On August 2nd, 2008, a drunk driver slammed into Clara Gardner and pinned her against another car. The accident would take both of her legs above the knee and subsequently change her life.

At the point of her double amputation, doctors told Clara she would never walk again. She has since proved them wrong. After initially being confined to a wheelchair, Clara began to walk on prosthetics. The path to exclusively using prosthetics has been a long and arduous one. Difficulties still remain with her cumbersome and uncomfortable socket prosthetics.

Clara 10_crop
Clara relearning how to walk on her first pair of legs with knees.

As a senior in high school and close friend of Clara, Augusta became deeply concerned with Clara’s future when she received the phone call reporting her accident. Augusta was fortunate enough to spend a college semester documenting Clara’s progress for a photojournalism class, which gave her the opportunity to witness her incredible resiliency and strength as an amputee first hand.

Augusta and Clara during production, July 2016

With help and guidance from family and friends, Clara has chosen to change the way she walks. In May of 2016, she underwent Osseointegration surgery, an option for amputees that is rapidly gaining popularity. This procedure replaced her traditional prosthesis and now allows Clara to move with more comfort and ease. 

Since it is not yet available in the United States, Clara traveled to Sydney, Australia to have this surgery.


Our filmmaking team traveled with her and documented her journey. We filmed her pre and post surgery, recovery period, and rehabilitation. We interviewed her family, surgeon, and fellow amputees. It is our mission to share her experience so that others may be inspired by her example. In this way, we hope to help Clara live her life to the fullest by empowering others with her story and educate them about the potential of this life changing surgery.


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