Bionic Stride is on Amazon!


Bionic Stride is now available to rent or purchase on Amazon!!! It’s been a long time coming, so THANK YOU for your patience, enthusiasm and encouragement! It would mean the world to us if you shared it with anyone you think might be interested.

You can find it right here, or by searching “Bionic Stride” on Amazon 😉

Northampton Film Festival

Bionic Stride received a lot of very positive feedback at NFF a few months back.  This audience was particularly receptive, because it took place at the gorgeous Academy of Music located in Clara’s hometown. Some attendees knew Clara personally, and were moved by watching her journey. We are so grateful for each opportunity to show Bionic Stride to a new group of curious people, and watch them leave inspired by her resolute commitment to reclaim mobility.

Update on Clara

Clara is doing well overall. Albeit Osseointegration is not a perfect solution, it saves her time and allows her to walk for longer than she was able to before, although she still experiences pain. She and her partner Jeff along with their two cats have moved into an accessible apartment in downtown Northampton, which encourages her to walk more often.

Osseointegration has also been a catalyst for increasing her kinesthetic awareness and implementing healthy eating habits. Both socket prosthetics and OI share the same truth: walking for amputees is easier the lower the body weight is. She has already noticed a difference in ease after losing weight!

Winter is especially tough, since her knees don’t have “stair mode” and deep snow is tough to get through. Nonetheless, she reports that this winter is much better than last year’s. The pain she experiences is different than what she felt with sockets, and lessens when she stretches regularly. Amazingly, she STILL has not had an infection, which is extremely rare for a double AK amputee after OI surgery.


We don’t currently have any screenings booked, although we are exploring the possibility of a showing at Smith College (Clara is an alumna.) We are open to booking additional screenings as long as we are working in close contact with someone from the venue and/or organization who is able to co – host and assist with marketing outreach.

Send us an email if you’re interested in booking one!

Augusta and Clara in college, circa 2009

Thank you all again for your support and interest in this production! We could not have done it without you 💕


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