Premiere Review and MassIFF Nomination

Hello everyone!

We are thrilled to announce that Bionic Stride was accepted at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival and nominated for best doc! We’re so humbled to receive this news and excited to be featured among so many excellent filmmakers. We’ll both be there and would love to see you!!



The festival will take place at The Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA next weekend. Tickets are available here. NOTE: Bionic Stride is being screened in block A3 – Day 1 (next Friday, August 25th.) If you’re not planning to attend the entire festival, this is the ticket you want! Check out the lineup on their website to learn about the other films that will be screened during our block 😉

Joe speaks during the Q&A portion of the premiere screening

In late April, Bionic Stride premiered at Images Cinema. We were delighted to see some of our good friends there, make new connections, and answer lots of great questions. We realized during the Q&A that exactly one year ago (to the day) we were landing in Sydney, ready to document Clara’s Osseointegration experience! A pretty neat coincidence 🙂 

Joe, Clara, and Augusta at the Bionic Stride premiere

I’d like to take a moment to share a brief personal reflection.  Ever since I received the phone call about Clara’s accident when I was a senior in highschool, I’ve been invested in documenting her commitment to regaining mobility. When I photographed her using her first legs with computerized knees (see photo display below) I was in a continual state of admiration as I watched how well she adjusted and normalized her life with prosthetics. 

Sharing a sweet moment with Clara 

Not only has producing Bionic Stride been an incredible learning experience, it’s been the catalyst for deepening my own gratitude practice. I have loved every minute of production, no matter how exhausted we were or what challenges we faced. I’m very proud to be friends with Clara and to have the opportunity to share her amazing story.

Film photos courtesy of Augusta Rose Photography – on display at Images the month of April

I’ve remained inspired by Clara throughout the filmmaking process, and my team has kept me honest and ambitious. Creating this movie was one of the most fulfilling events of my life. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for the love and encouragement of our supporters. You are the reason we could do this. You are the reason why it exists. We are so grateful for you. Know that we are sending all that love right back ❤

Look out for the next blog post about future screenings and how to pre-order a digital or hard copy of Bionic Stride! Details coming soon….

Until then – be well, and hope to see you at the festival!



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