Walking Free

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since we last posted! We have been busy writing and preparing for the deep dive into the editing process, as well as looking into screening possibilities once the video is completed. Very exciting stuff! We will keep you updated on our progress, of course 😉


We paid Clara a visit recently for our final shoot, and found her happy, healthy, and in very good spirits. She told us that although she still needs to budget her walking time somewhat, she is walking substantially more than she was using sockets. She told us about her new part-time job, which she enjoys and says is quite manageable in terms of mobility. Thankfully, she has not had an infection (she made sure to “knock on wood” when she told us this) and we are all hopeful that this remains the case.

Interviewing Clara

re-editShe is now walking with either one crutch or none, and her gait is impressive. She told us that some people don’t even realize she is an amputee! Overall, Osseointegration definitely seems to be the right choice for her. She shared with us that she feels it was all worth it, and that she’s pleased with her decision. We are both happy for her and excited for her future walking freely!

clara-1For this last shoot, we brought in our good friend Barny and his trusty drone, Daisy. We managed to get some gorgeous shots of Northampton along with the interview.clara-5

Thank you as always, for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for The Next Step’s production. We are so grateful for this community that has been built around Clara’s incredible story, and humbled to have the opportunity to share it with you all. Much love!



Until next time…

~Joe & Augusta



*This blog post title was inspired by Dr. Munjed’s book, Walking Free.



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