Walking with Osseointegration

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since we posted an update! We have been busy going over the footage from Australia (which was a wonderful experience overall), but are grateful to be settling in North Adams after traveling. We are happy to say that Clara has been back in the States since the beginning of June, and is adjusting well to her new life with osseointegration. Check out our clip above to get a sneak peek of our visit!

We recently visited Clara, her boyfriend Jeff, and their cats in Northampton. We were excited to hear that she will be walking without the use of crutches next month! We were also thrilled to learn that she is healing well and has not had an infection.

Clara_visit 7.3-6
Clara and her cat, Sansa

Clara’s mobility is still not perfect – her physiotherapists have instructed her not to put too much pressure on the implants, so she still has to budget her walking time. However, we were impressed with the improvement of her mobility…attaching her legs now takes a fraction of the time it took her with sockets, and walking is clearly much easier for her.

Clara_visit 7.3-1-2
SUPER excited to be walking without sockets! 😀

We continue to look forward to documenting Clara’s ongoing journey. She is heading down an exciting path, filled with joy, ease, and obstacles that we are sure she will overcome. We are inspired by her strength and thankful to be by her side as she takes the next step.

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The Next Step’s next step(s):

We will be filming locally until the fall, and editing through the end of the year. Our projected release date is still January, if all goes according to plan!

As always, we are infinitely grateful for your collective patience and support. We are so excited to share the documentary once it is completed!!

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Clara_visit 7.3-14
Augusta Rose enjoying a walk with Clara 🙂


 Be well!

-TNS Filmmaking Team


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